View Full Version : Copying long filenames?

05-20-2004, 04:13 PM
Hi, I get the following error message while installing

Error 1308.Source file not found: C:\Installations\PowerCampus\Build\5.1\PowerCAMPUS\PowerCAMPUS\Release 510\DiskImages\DISK1\program files\SCT\PowerCAMPUS\_Property. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

I do not have a file _property in file folders or in the source folder.

I have files that has long names. is that a issue in Installshield X?

David Thornley
05-21-2004, 10:23 AM
Long file names are fully supported.

if _Property does not exist anywhere in your project file I would make sure that there isn't something in the setup at runtime that is modifying the isntall location like a custom action or some InstallScript code. With issues like this that is almost always the case.

05-21-2004, 11:38 AM

Thanks for your reply. I also want to point out this.

I have 90 files in my source directory.While Installing I get the error message once and my installation is successful, but my destination folder gets only 89 files.

So I compared the source files and destination files and found one file with a long name missing from destination.So I renamed the file and made changes to my project for this new filename and run the installation.

Now I get the same error while installing , but this time , the file I renamed got copied to the destination folder , but some other file got missed !.