View Full Version : RegAsm and .NET Com Interop giving different results

Dave Boyle
05-20-2004, 06:48 AM
Hi Folks,

Different registry entries are being added to the target machine's registry depending on whether I enable .NET COM Interop for my .NET assemblies within the IS IDE (v7.04) or use a call to RegAsm after the file has been copied to the target machine.

More specifically, it seems like RegAsm is walking up the inheritance hierarchy of my .NET types and adding any registry info it finds in the various assemblies that house the .NET types. The COM Interop setting in the IDE seems to be only extracting info out of the actuall DLL marked as requiring interop. This may well be wide of the mark, but ultimately, the IDE COM interop setting is not adding the full amount of COM interop registry information to the registry.

Any suggestions for getting the COM Interop stuff working would be very much appreciated.

I know a couple of work arounds (getting RegAsm to dump registry settings to a file and then merging that in to the target machine's registry) but I'd rather just get the IDE-based method working, if possible.