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10-18-2001, 05:01 AM

Does anyone know how to get a bitmap billboard to display from the very beginning of the install?

All I am able to achieve is a grad, then after the install is half-way through it show my image... this strikes me as odd as both the grad and the image are in the same billbaord ???? :(

Any ideas anyone?

Also what IS the right size for the images - can someone from InstallShield PLEASE correct the documentation... on such as slick product it seems like a poor oversight. :mad:


10-18-2001, 09:00 AM
For your question about the Billboard:

This has been designed based on the Windows Installer technology. The bitmaps for the billboards are supposed to launch ONLY during the installation Progress bar. That's whent the files are copied. This is probably so that bitmaps don't pop up while the end-user is filling in Serial Numbers and selecting installation type etc. Once he is done and just watching the progressbar he is treated to bitmaps and advertisements and such. The Background is something static which does not change so wouldn't hurt the UI.

For your question about the Bitmaps:

Work Orders have been submitted to fix the documentation. Here are some dimensions that worked for some users of this Newsgroup

Splash Bitmap : 456 x 281
Install Welcome : 499 x 312
Initial Banner : 499 x 58

hope this helps.

10-18-2001, 09:09 AM
Thanks for your prompt answers...

But I am still a little confused. The effect I am trying to get seems be have been done sucessfully by Ulead.

They are using an InstallShield product and manage to start the very beginning of the installation with a full-screen billboard that wipes on. How have they done this?

One more quick question - is there anything that I can do to reduce the size of my install and still maintain win9x and nt4 compatibility? Is seems a bit much to add almost 2.8mb to my install (which more than doubles its size)...


10-19-2001, 09:01 AM
Maybe Ulead is using InstallShield Professional to build their setup. This uses our installscript and has nothing to do with the Windows Installer. With Express, since we are catering for the Windows Installer, we are limited by their technologies as well. InstallShield Developer however brings both Windows Installer and InstallScript together allowing you to drive the entire UI through InstallScript. It might be able to do this.

One probable work around would be to make a Web Based setup which allows you to download the Msi engines (if needed) from the internet. This saves the 2.8MB that contains the Windows Installer redistributables.