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05-16-2004, 01:56 AM

I've read all the posts I could find regarding localization, but I still have some questions.

I 'm preparing a demo (using DS 7.5) that need to support FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish) and Japanease. I'd like to have just one demo (i.e. DBD file), and, possibly, one .txt file. In addition, everything should be delivered on a single CD.

Can I prepare a single ANSI txt file that will contain the all the strings for the above languages (at least for the FIGS)?

If I need to prepare seperate txt files, can I still have one demo, placing the txt files under the appropriate language folder?

Can I use a font in the demo that will support all of the above languages? Some posts suggested Arial UNICODE MS, however, it seems that there are many types of it in DS - e.g., Arial UNICODE MS (Arabic) etc. Which one should I use?

Can I use the language select dialog to allow the user select the language? In this case, whet should be the files configuration? If I let the user select the language, and if she selects a langauge other than her OS language, will the text be displayed okay?

Sorry for the length of this, post, but I couldn't find the answeres neither in the user guide nor in the forum.

Thanks a lot,


P.s. I've posted these questions to an existing thread, but I'm posting them again in their own therad since they were not yet answered. Sorry if this confuses any one.

05-17-2004, 11:51 AM
Hello Amit,

Yes, all language translations (that you want available) should appear in the one ANSI .txt file.

Only one text file can be used for all translations.

When localizing a demo for multiple languages, some languages may require the use of a specific font in order for language specific characters to display properly. For example, Japanese characters can only be displayed when using a font created specifically for that language. Common fonts that can be used for Japanese translations are:

MS Gothic, MS Mincho, Arial Unicode MS, Bitstream CyberBit, Bitstream CyberCJK, and Code2000

To ensure the selected font is used when the demo is played on a Japanese operating system, the font needs to be specified within the localized text file. The translation should look something like the following:


[JPN.Main menu.T Title]
Data=Translation Goes Here
Font=MS Gothic
Point Size=22

Yes you can use the language select dialog to allow the user select the language. Make sure to check the Show Language Selection Dialog box in the Demo | Properties | Options menu.

The text should display correctly if the language selected is different from the operating system.

You will need to make sure the .txt file is in the same directory as the DemoShield Player (demo32.exe) when testing the distribution. You may want to create a test directory by using the CD Browser distribution from the Distribution Wizard. The file will be named demoname.txt

For language specific interactive resources such as graphics, .rtf files, sound or video, you should create language specific directories to house localized resource files.

For example, a directory structure could look like the following:


- demo32.exe
- demo.dbd
- demo.txt

Language-specific interactive resources can be housed in language specific directories, but language strings must reside in the demo text file which must be placed in the same folder as your Demo.

Also note that when localizing a demo for different languages, it is best to localize on a language specific operating system. For example, if you are localizing to French, it is best to use a French operating system to do this. Once you have localized for one language, you can copy the localized file to another system to localize for a different language. Simply save the changes without changing the previous edits.

I hope this is helpful.

05-18-2004, 06:15 AM
Hi Joanna,

Thanks a lot, your reply was very helpfull. However, I would appreciate if you could be more specific regarding the character encoding expected by DS.

What should be the character encoding of the demo text file? I.e., latin-1, latin-9, or other.

Does DS expect each language section to have a different encoding? For example, could it be that DS interprate an English section using latin-1, but a French section is interprated using latin-9, and a Japanease section is interprated using yet another encoding?

I'm asking these questions because I would like, if possible, to prevent from switching between different languages of the OS, and preparing the text file, at least for European languages, on the same machine.

Thanks again,