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05-13-2004, 12:58 PM
The sizes of my updates vary inexplicably.
Every night we have been rebuilding our product (version from scratch and usually create an OCI update from version Here are the sizes of the update (delta update size, plus uncompressed product size to show that few files were being added or removed) for the previous 6 nights for which we created updates:

delta product
1. 149.75 MB 677.61 MB
2. 150.29 MB 677.49 MB
3. 118.72 MB 678.65 MB
4. 48.92 MB 678.60 MB
5. 48.80 MB 678.60 MB
6. 119.31 MB 673.84 MB

The uncompressed product file size for is 656.83 MB.

I can't explain why the size of the update goes down and then back up. During this time, developers are working on their code - fixing existing code and adding new code. As the uncompressed product size shows, we have not been doing any major addition or removal of files during this time.

I recreated the update from the first night's build run. I used the same setup from that build run, and built an update from the same setup. I got a vBuild delta size of 48.33, (with a uncompressed product size of 677.61). This is good but why the drastically different size?

I have not changed any of the settings within vBuild during this time. My settings are: Maximum compression, Online packing level = Group, Cache = on with size of 5GB and minimum file size of 1KB.

Can you tell me what is going on here so that I can get control of this?


05-16-2004, 01:44 AM
The best way to handle this is by getting 3 media: and two versions of that created extreame results (e.g. those media used for night #2 and #4). If you cn put it on some FTP site and send me the information (through private message or through alon@redbend.com) we will check this out. If you orefer to upload the media to our web site, let me know (including your e-mail) and I will send u the required information.