View Full Version : Projects on Network Share can't be Built Reliably

05-13-2004, 07:25 AM
IS X, InstallScript, object project, converted from a Dev7 format.

When building on a W2003 Std Server, and the project is on a network share, even when this share folder is a local folder, the build fails in 6 of my 20 tried projects with error 150, invalid cab file format. The IS build errors out, we believe, only because W2K3 intercepts the error an deletes the bad file. I don't have a spare machine to try this on with a different O/S, but we believe IS would produce that faulty cabinets if not trapped by the O/S.

On W2K3, the OS actually tells us of the event, see attached picture.

The problem goes away when I use the SUBST command to get the folder to the build enviroments required P: drive. This has been a nagging problem, as we can see it that has yet to be addressed since Dev7, where we had to reconfigure our Dev7 build process to avoid these builds that would pass but have actually bad cabinet files that would show up at runtime.

It would be nice, if the root problem in the production of the cabinet files, when a file error occurs on a network, could be detected and retried, or at least detected by IS.

Or IS should state that projects must be on a local drive, and disallow network configurations.