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10-17-2001, 11:02 AM
I am in the research portion of a project that I am doing for my manager. The project involves finding an Installer that will only allow a one time install off of a CD. I was wondering if the InstallShield Product has a feature like this.

Thanks to all who reply

10-18-2001, 08:24 AM
What exactly do you mean by a "One time Install"?

1. Something that can be installed but never uninstalled?
2. Something where the same CD cannot be used to install on a machine if already used to install on another machine?

10-18-2001, 12:40 PM
The way the windows installer products are desiged is that they only allow the installer to install once on the machine until it is completely uninstalled. I guess you may be looking to do something to prevent the piracy of your software and hence want a way to lock the CD after you have installed once. There is no built-in capability to do this in InstallShield products. You could however do some customization of your setup to something of this nature. InstallShield Developer 7 and InstallShield Professional 6.x both are robust enough to allow you to do some major customizations within and around your setup.