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05-11-2004, 06:18 PM
Something that I didn't notice before and lost changes because of it. When I import or add a new *.rul file to the project why does the ide then place the file in <ISProjectDataFolder?\Script Files. I added a new rul file in <ISProjectDataFolder> but the IDE then makes a copy of the file under <ISProjectDataFolder>Script Files. Why? If I added it under <ISProjectDataFolder> shouldn't it remain there?? Is this a setting somewhere or a design decision?

I looked to see if this was a setting somewhere but couldn't find it. I would expect the file to remain where I added it not changed to a different folder. This can create a huge problem with working with source control programs.


Mark at IS
05-13-2004, 07:39 AM
The help topic "Inserting and Importing Script Files" states,

"To insert a script file: Right-click in the script file list and select Insert Script File to browse to script files in other locations. This creates a link to the script file in its current location.

"To include an actual copy of a script in your project: Right-click on the Files node or on a file and select Import Script File. This copies the script file to the folder containing the script files for your project."

I have created InstallShield work order 1-NOGO2 to create an Index entry for this topic, and links to it from related topics.