View Full Version : Internal Error 2351 .......... Data.cab

10-15-2001, 10:17 AM
Is the name of this file 20000103.cdc? What happens if you

1. Change the name of this file to something that starts with a letter?
2. You try an uncompressed build?

"Amir" <amir@fats.co.il> wrote in message news:3bc97e3a@news.installshield.com...
> Hi,
> When running the setup I've created I receive a Internal Error 2351.
> F61644_20000103.cdc, Data.Cab the F61644_20000103.cdc is the installshield
> prefix and my filename, but why do I receive this Internal Error?
> I know it has to do something with a ODBC resource I'm trying to install
> because when I disable that the installation works fine.
> Could anyone help me on this issue please?
> Thanks,
> Amir