View Full Version : scrrun.dll register problem

05-06-2004, 10:53 AM
I have a problem with an upgrade of a product what installs scrrun.dll as part of the install where scrrun.dll is left unregistered on Windows 2000. Because of a bug in Installshield 7 where major upgrades reverse actions in script I have to do a silent uninstall of the previous version in script in the OnBegin function of the upgrade install.

The first version of the install had the scrrun.dll incorrectly marked as non-permanent. The upgrade has scrrun.dll marked as permanent and self-register is checked.

I now know Windows 2000 does not need scrrun.dll to be installed, however as the problem seems to stem from the previous install, I need to correct the problem where is seems to be left unregistered. (By the way it is OK following the first install)

Any ideas how I correct this?