View Full Version : Please help - How do I suppress this message

10-15-2001, 10:20 AM
Are you distributing MDAC or DCOM merge module with your setup? If so have you set a requirement for Operating System in the "Requirements" view? If so

1. Try setting the Requirments to "Any OS"
2. Downloading the newer MDAC and DCOM merge modules from the installshield website's merge module gallery.

"Kris Reddy" <KReddy@OptechSol.com> wrote in message news:3bc9cf4f@news.installshield.com...
I am using InstallShield Express v3.51 on Win 98.
I ran the setup both on Win98 and Win Me.

When I start the "setup.exe", I getting the following:
1) InstallShield Wizard - Preparing to Install... (Configuring Windows Installer)
2) Windows Installer - Preparing to Install...
3) cBizOne Installer Information - 1: The Operation completed successfully. (with a OK button)

How do I suppress this message dialog (dialog with OK button)

Thank a lot.