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05-05-2004, 04:48 PM
I am a fairly new user of IS and specifically of DevStudio...

I use the installscript and am including crystal 8.5 engine in my install. I ran across a problem where the pdf export function on some installations returns an error 999, which seems to have to do with the ExportModeller.dll and/or the crtslv.dll not registering. One of the reasons for them not installing would be the absence of the atl.dll file. I was looking at the ATL merge object and it only has the 3.0.8449.0 versions.

1. Are either of these atl.dll files even suitable for use on XP?
- I currently use 3.0.9435.0 for XP and 2000

2. Is the installer putting the ExportModeller.dll and the crtslv.dll files on the target system (they do not show in the summary at the end of the wizard for crystal reports)?

3. How do I check or ensure that atl.dll is being registered before ExportModeller.dll and crtslv.dll?

4. Is InstallShield going to be putting the later versions of the atl.dll into this object?

The Long-Winded One

05-06-2004, 08:19 AM
i would guess that the atl.dll is under system file protection under windows xp and you could not replace it, no matter what you do - but thats a guess

exportmodeller.dll and crtslv.dll are part of the reportengine.msm

the ms mm does not use selfreg but the appropriate tables within the installer, which are written first when you keep the default IS sequence

no, but you could download the latest mm from ms, which includes version 3.0.9782.0

05-07-2004, 05:16 PM
Thanx _doog_ for the clarifications.