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05-01-2004, 10:50 AM
Welcome to the community forum for InstallShield X Universal Installer Projects. This forum has been created to assist in distinguishing comments that are specific to InstallShield X Universal Installer projects. For all other InstallShield X projects, please use the appropriate community.

InstallShield X is the upgrade for InstallShield DevStudio and InstallShield MultiPlatform, and contains many new and enhanced features for Universal Installer projects, including:

• The Complete Installation Solution - Only InstallShield X gives you the power to easily develop all Windows Installer (MSI), InstallScript, cross-platform, and mobile device installations with just one solution.

• Visual Dialog Editor - Master one interface from Windows to Linux to easily modify existing dialogs or create new ones from scratch. Select the dialog you need, modify it, then insert the dialog into the installation sequence. Dialogs can be exported and imported for sharing across projects, making project collaboration more efficient.

• Project Assistant - Only InstallShield X includes an intuitive Project Assistant to seamlessly guide you through the installation-authoring process. The Project Assistant significantly decreases the time required for new users to complete an installation project, reducing the learning curve and increasing the quality of the output. It also enables veteran software developers to more efficiently jumpstart a new project.

• Author Windows and Universal Installers from a Single Project - InstallShield X makes it possible for you to create Windows (MSI) and universal installers from a single project. With InstallShield X, you can truly develop once and deploy everywhere, creating installs that use MSI files to target Windows machines, and universal installers to target UNIX, Linux, Mac and more, all from a single project and a single IDE.

• Easily Create Custom Events - Customize the installation and uninstallation of your software through events, which you can easily create directly within the InstallShield X IDE. Custom events include component events (e.g., "onInstalling", "onReplaced", and "onUninstalling") and install/uninstall events (e.g., "onBegin" and "onEnd").

• And More… See the InstallShield X product page. (http://www.installshield.com/products/x)