View Full Version : value of ALLUSERS when I uninstall always return 2

04-29-2004, 05:55 AM

I have a problem, like this:

(Standard project ISD7.04)

I have an install project which contain more features. Each features is an application.
I create a shortcut to the DESKTOP and STARTMENU\Program\MyCompanyName\MyAppname\. These shortcut creation are depend on the value of ALLUSERS property. (I call the ProgDefGroupType before I create any shortcut)

When I uninstall any feature of my ISD project, I must remove the shortcut of the feature manually. I must detect which program group was used when the shortcut(s) created on installation.(COMMON or PERSONAL)
The MsiGetProperty(ISMSI_HANDLE, "ALLUSERS", szBuffer, nBuffer); function always return with value 2. Always it is undepend from the selected program group(when install), or user right (admin or not). I always install or uninstall with admin privilegs.

How can I detect correctly, when I uninstall an app, or feature, which program group was selected when I install the app?

Thank you