View Full Version : how to uninstall foxpro setup installation

04-28-2004, 04:30 PM
Hi friends
We'd been using vfp6 for our application.we have huge client base.recently we moved on to vfp8 and using installshield3.5 sp4

my question is
Recently we did new build in vfp8 and created setup with installshield.
is there anyway we can configure installshield so that it uninstall our previous application installation(this installation done using vfp6 setup which is removed now in vfp8) and install our latest application.

I know how to configure installshield so that it replaces previous installation if prev installation done by installshield but i dont know if previous installation is done foxpro setup.
Thanks for ur great ideas.


04-28-2004, 09:05 PM
it looks like i asked a tough question.
forget abt uninstall for sometime.

say I installed our application (with foxpro setup) in
c:\program files\vip\

now i installed our latest application (i.e installshield setup) in the same abv location.but it did not replace any
of the old files? and setup went thr properly and said setup
was successful.

when i open control panel\add remove progrrams i see 2 applications.
I know better way of doing it uninstall previous installation and install latest application.but i want to make this process automatic for our clients.
i believe u guys understand our situation.any ideas on this plz.