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04-28-2004, 02:43 PM
How can I remove the InstalShield Wizard from the top of the dialogs. I had talked to installshield about this and I was told to use the dialog editor. The changes to the dialog is seen in the install exept the title bar which never changes to the new name I changed it to. My boss wants it changed and I can't seem to change it.

04-29-2004, 08:37 AM

if you are using an InstallScript MSI Project or just an InstallScript project you can change the title bar of the window by:

SetTitle ( szTitle, nPointSize, nColor );
i.e. Just the install panels showing <no background>


or if running a full windows background with the panels inside that:

SetTitle( "", 24, WHITE );
SetTitle( @D_SS_Screen_Setup, 0, BACKGROUNDCAPTION );

from the online help:

szTitle Specifies a title to appear either in the main window's title bar or inside the main window. If the title is to appear in the window's title bar, you must specify the predefined constant BACKGROUNDCAPTION in the third parameter. A title bar title that does not fit the available space will be displayed truncated on the right and terminated with ellipses. The default title bar title is “Setup”.

When a color value is passed in the third parameter, the title is displayed left aligned at the top of the main window. Titles that that are too wide for the main window will be displayed truncated on the right. To create a title that occupies more than one line, embed newline characters where you want the line to break.

nPointSize Specifies the size, in points, of a title to be displayed in the main window. The suggested size is 24 points. Note that this parameter is ignored when the third parameter is BACKGROUNDCAPTION.

nColor Specifies either a color or the predefined constant BACKGROUNDCAPTION.

Calling SetTitle with the nColor set to BACKGROUNDCAPTION has no effect on setups that do not run in window mode. To run your setup in a standard window, you must first call Enable with the parameter DEFWINDOWMODE or FULLWINDOWMODE and then display the window by calling Enable with the parameter BACKGROUND.

To indicate that the value of szTitle should be displayed in the title bar of the main window, pass the predefined constant BACKGROUNDCAPTION in this parameter. When you specify BACKGROUNDCAPTION, nPointSize is ignored; the color and size of the title bar title are determined by the end user's system settings. Note that this option has no effect on setups that do not run in window mode.
To indicate that the value of szTitle should be displayed inside the setup window, specify a color for that title by passing one of the following constants (whose corresponding RGB values are given in parentheses) or calling the RGB function to indicate a particular custom color.

Hoped this helped,