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04-28-2004, 11:29 AM

I would like to share several registry entries across several applications that are installed using different installshield setup applications. When one application is uninstalled, the registry entries should not be deleted if there is any reference to it. Something similar to shared files. I am using installshield Devstudio 9.0 and InstallScript MSI project. In the help, it says that:

"Registry keys that have special installation flags can be identified by the folder icon. Below is a list of the icons, and the type of installation flags to which they correspond.” Shared among several applications is one of them. However, I don't have this option when I right click on my registry key. it also says in the help: "(InstallScript projects only)" which could mean why I don’t have this flag option.

So, back to my question: How can I share my registry entries across different applications, so that when one of my applications is uninstalled, the registry entries remain in the registry.

I fill the registry entries during the setup (the user selects some options during the setup process).

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04-28-2004, 02:32 PM
If this is NOT an InstallScript project, then I believe that the IDE changes in such a way as to disallow Registry Sets "Sharing" where the "sharing hand" icon will appear when you right click in the area under registry sets. This is what you are looking for but not finding..

What you might try instead is just coding your registry keys instead, using the RegDBSetValueEx, and to Disable(LOGGING) before using the aforementioned command, which will make IS forget that they were installed, and thus, they will not be uninstalled. If you are in pure MSI, and don't have access to InstallScript at all, I suggest restarting this thread under that section, for more ideas.

I hope this helps.


04-29-2004, 07:57 AM
Another posibility is to put these registry entries in a merge module, which you then include in your different setups. Windows Installer then tracks the usage of the entries and removes them when the last product that contains the merge module is removed. For this to work, though, all the setups must be putting the same values in the registry entries.