View Full Version : Save the expanded installer?

04-20-2004, 05:56 PM
After the expanding phase, is there a way to save the installer, so that it can be re-used on other machines?

I have a product that a customer would install on several servers that work together - a simple form of clustering. Each server needs to be updated. There is often 5 servers, and larger customers would have more. We're using Installshield Pro 7 / vBuild OCI packages and delivering to customers using the InstallShield Update Service to deliver the updates over the web.

We're thinking it would be convenient for many of our customers if they performed the over-the-web update once, for one machine, and that, as part of this update process, the full installer was saved in a known location. Then, the customer copies the saved installer to the other machines to install the new version on them, without having needed to run through the scouting/downloading/expanding phases for those machines.

Our updates tend to be in the range of 30-60 megabytes, and the full installer is 300 megabytes. Saving the scouting / downloading / expanding phase could save 15 to 45 minutes per server, depending on the size of the download, and the available downloading bandwidth and degree of network congestion.


04-21-2004, 01:31 AM
This, unfortunatelly, does not work. There are two reasons for this.

The first one is specific to Online media --- we download the requested delta based on the very specific machine setup prior to the update, which may vary between one machine to another (since different servers might have different sets of shared DLLs, etc; if the machines are identical this might work). This is from the download perspective.

Another aspect, which is relevant to the update process itself (and thus is also relevant to offline updates): we do not create an open media at any time. We are reconstructing the requested files only (so if you install only part of the product due to languages, OS specific files, or some partial components selection) the other files will not be reconstructed. Furthermore, files that have not been changed between the versions (or that the Overwrite property indicates that the previous version files should remain as is) are also not reconstructed to the "open media" location.

To summerize, in theory this can work for completely identical machines (which might be the case for servers), but it needs substantial development (actually, most or all of it is in the installer engine and not in the vBuild part) plus some UI changes on the installer side.