View Full Version : Major Upgrade and REMOVE property value

04-17-2004, 03:30 AM
hi everyone,

I've created an installation package that performs a major upgrade from all previous versions of the product... it seems to work a treat (automatically uninstalling any previous versions, before installing a new one), but a lot of my custom actions are using the value of property REMOVE in their conditions: I guess the assumption was made that property will have a non-empty value if the product is installed and the end-user attempts to either remove it completely, or partially (via Change/Modify)...

Is it normal for REMOVE property to have non-empty value when performing a major upgrade? If so, what would be the most appropriate condition to use to determine if a product is being installed for the first time or is being modified/removed?

I was thinking along the lines of...

(Not Installed) or (IS_MAJOR_UPGRADE) -> to determine if this is a first time installation of my version of the product

(Installed) and (REMOVE) -> to determine if entire product or some of its portion is being removed

any suggestions/comments would be appreciated,