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04-03-2004, 09:58 PM
Hello All,

Using InstallShield Express 3.51 we noticed the wrong files were getting in to the build.

We set up our project directories so that we have "ProjectNew", "ProjectCur", and "ProjectRel".

Because the compiler has some non-relative paths built in, ProjectCur is the tree we have to develop and compile from. If we want to work on New development, we have to copy all of "ProjectNew" to "ProjectCur". If we have to fix something in the current release, we copy Cur back to New, then copy Rel to Cur and get to work. All our ISE projects assume the dir tree Cur.

Well, we found that when we built something on Friday that ISE took the files from New instead of Cur. The file folder was included in the ISE project via a link. The link said Cur, but it definitely took the files from New. We deleted the link in ISE, re-inserted the link, and rebuilt the project. This time ISE took them from Cur as it should.

Has anyone seen this? Know the cause? This is a show stopper for ISE.

My only guess is that ISE uses the DOS file names (ex Projec~1 and Projec~2 ) internally in links and got confused with all the directory renaming.

We've lost a lot of hair chasing this problem in the past months until we finally figured out what was going on.

Any ideas?