View Full Version : InstallShield 5 upgraded - major issues

03-29-2004, 03:19 PM
I upgraded from ISE v4 to ISE v5, ported an existing ISE project, and am seeing two major and fatal issues:

1. The IIS virtual directory that used to work fine is no longer created. All the files are installed, but no virtual directory is added (it is not shown at all by IIS admin)

2. Starting ISE works ok, but on clicking the Build button, a build takes upwards of ten minutes - in fact ISE looks like it is frozen. The resulting MSI is about a megabyte and the config simple, so this is not a complex installer. A build used to take 30 seconds it now takes a crazy amount of time.

It seems the "upgrade" to v5 is a serious downgrade as it has entirely wiped out our ability to create installers.

Please, if you can offer any assistance, let me know as we're desperate to get this working again.