View Full Version : Express 5 & .Net Windows Services

03-21-2004, 03:44 PM
I have a .Net V1.1 project, that uses a Windows Service. I have created an installer using Express 5, and all works fine (for the most part). The installation installs the .Net 1.1 framework if required, and installs all required files, including the windows service and manages the installation and registration of the windows service.

Through testing however, we have determined that the install does NOT work if there is already .Net V1.0 framework installed on the machine for deployment.

The cause of this seems to be that installsheild when installing the windows service uses the .Net V1.0 installutil.exe to register the windows service. We have confirmed this through testing and can confirm that on the systems where failure to install the windows service occurs, we are able manually install the windows service using the correct installutil.exe application.

I cannot determine how to specify that InstallShield should use the .Net V1.1 installutil (located in a different directory).

Can anyone please shed any light on the solution to this problem.


Jayden MacRae