View Full Version : Abort Installation on any other drive

03-18-2004, 03:09 AM

This is an issue with Installsheild Express 4/5.

When I create an installation I make sure that I do not show the user to choose the location of Installation. I actually want a force installation in C drive only.

Now the problem is that incase the user does not have space on C drive, Installshield Express Setup shows the user a Dialog box which shows the available drives, and available space. Here User can either cancel the setup or choose another drive which has space and continue. Now in this case if the user chooses the other drive and continues the installation, the setup crashes giving error
"Internal Error 2855. [DIALOGNAME] [BUTTONGROUP]". First I need to fix this error. Secondly I want to know if there is a way where by if there is not enough space on the C drive, the setup should display the message and Abort, i.e. it should not give option to install elsewhere


Ashish P