View Full Version : Build err 4075 "Missing VFP_run_Activedoc"

03-16-2004, 11:48 PM
I have an IE5SP2 project converted from IE4 which shows a checked but missing merge module "Microsoft Visual FoxPro Active Document Support Library" in the restributables section.

I am running VFP8 which does not support active documents.
I do not want the Active Document Support Library nor do I have a module for it.

When I uncheck the option and try to build the project, I get "File not found. An error occurred merging 'VFP_Run_Activedoc.75A89A0C_E5BA_11D3_A52F_00A0C9CA42BA:0' for Feature 'AlwaysInstall'.

The build error is -4075.

The option is unchecked and I save the project and close IE. I open it again and the "Microsoft Visual FoxPro Active Document Support Library" is checked again, but "File not found".

I don't want it! How can I get rid of it?