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03-16-2004, 02:17 PM
We have an installation that seems to work just fine. However, on occasion, we will have a customer call in and say that when they try to open an unrelated application, they receive a Windows Installer dialog that says it is configuring the install for our product. In order to resolve the problem, we have to have them uninstall and reinstall our product.

From other postings that I have looked at, it seems that the problem is in the registry with the component key path. If another product installation updates a component key path that also applies to our app, then the Windows Installer thinks it needs to update our application.

I understand the reasoning, but is there any way to try to avoid this situation? We try to install as many components as we can into our own program folder; however, this is not an option with all components. Do you have any suggestion as to how we can change the way that we're building our installs to address this issue?

By the way, we are using Version 5 express, SP2.

Thanks very much!

03-18-2004, 09:47 AM
I recently discovered the same problem with VFP application. Installation set has been created on XP machine and XP target doesn't have any problems; however, when installing on computer with different OS (Windows of course!), message "The feature you are trying to use is on a CD Rom ... that is not available" could appear when another unrelated app starts.

Application uses couple of third party products (ActiveX controls).

Any ideas where to look?

Thanks in advance!


03-19-2004, 09:22 AM
I also had this issue, however I seem to have gotten around it by setting the individual properties on certain components to shared, or even worse case moving the component to a specific directory with the product. It worked for me.

Windows Installer technology seems to verify all the component parts of the installation from its database in the msi file. If for example I change a file (simply copy an updated exe to the installdir) then installer replaces it with the original one.

Any better ways would be appreciated.

03-19-2004, 10:31 AM
We have done the same as regards moving as much into our program folder as possible. Your idea of marking certain components as shared is something I'll look into - it might also help us out.

Thanks for the response

03-19-2004, 10:53 AM
How can I make component shared?

Sorry, I’m new to this…



03-19-2004, 11:08 AM
Under file properties, the Advanced tab. I know this is available in Version 5 - don't know about previous versions of Installshield.

03-19-2004, 11:08 AM
in the components list (usually built by scanning for dependencies) you can right-click each and set the properties. This will allow you to specify certain properties such as shared, leave on uninstall, do not replace etc, etc..

Hope this helps.

03-19-2004, 11:10 AM
Thanks very match, guys!

I'll try...:)


06-22-2004, 06:06 AM
I've recently had this problem and fixed it by making sure the .dll or .ocx does not extract any com information.

I just set the register type to NONE

Now it works perfectly and no boxes popup