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03-15-2004, 07:48 AM
Hello Friends,

I am encountering two problems when I am making a setup.

1. During installation i need to run a vb.exe silently which generates CD Key and registers it in the registry. I tried custom action for this but, it doesn't run the vb exe silently. It brings the exe up on the screen and when i close the exe then only it goes to the next step in wizard. I tried giving the exe name followed by "/s" in the command line parameters but it didnt help. Please guide me on this.

2. I am testing the setup on windows 2000. It somehow doesn't create a shortcut in Start Menu --> Programs. I have specified the shortcut to be made there in Shortcuts/Folders option. It makes the shortcut on the desktop well and fine. I am logging in to the machine as administrator but still the folder is not getting created in Start Menu Programs.

Please help me with these two issues. They are holding me back terribily.

Kind Regards,

03-19-2004, 11:35 AM
1) Silent VB install. Unless you have a specific need to display a user interface, change your vb project to execute sub main and NOT form Main at startup. All the code can sit in a module and you call it from sub main.

This is effectively a program without any user interface. it will close itself once it has finished.

2) make sure that you use the program file group for ALL users and not current user. This is a common mistake and only affects users with windows NT/2000/XP. Windows 9x doesnt suffer with this.

Hope this helps.

03-19-2004, 11:43 AM
Thanks My Friend,

After all this while I was loosing hope in this forum until you replied.

Yes, your suggestion worked well for me in both my problems.

Thanks once again,