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03-11-2004, 10:15 AM

we are installing a database application with a replication-option for notebook user.
We have 2 Installations: a Server installation and a Client Installation.
First we use the Server-Installation to install the database and some application files.
Then we use the Client Installation to install the necessary Dll’s-/ocx’s Files, Registration entries and shortcuts on the Client Computer.

This works fine so far…

For a notebook User we have to install the Database and the files local in addition (similar to the Server installation). Then we need to install the Client Installation and reference the Install Dir to the network Drive where the Main Installation is placed. When the notebook is not connected to the network, our program recognize this and use the local directory and the local database… but when we start the Application the automatic Repair option starts and try to reinstall something on the network drive! When you cancel the Installation (you need to cancel it several times!) the application starts… till the next time the user starts it!
When the notebook is connected to the network… everything is fine. How can we stop this behaviour?

I already search the registry and Windows Installer sets the Install Dir (which you choose in the Dialog Box of Install Shield) in different places of the registry. Is there a work around or a solution, because it’s a serious problem for us. Do we need the Developer Edition to get control over Windows Installer repair option?

Thanks in advance

Will J.
03-15-2004, 05:21 PM
One resource that is helpful in addressing auto-repair is the following InstallShield Knowledge Base article:


This should allow you to at least narrow down the possible cause of the repair. DevStudio would allow you to attack this more efficiently due to the fact that you can access the components mentioned by the Event Viewer. Hope this helps.