View Full Version : Problem with MS Word XP v Word 2003

03-09-2004, 01:57 PM
Hi all - first of all, may I say what a great product Install Shield Express 5 seems to be - it has certainly made my life easier when it comes to distributing software! I have now carried out several installs, quick patches, and recently an upgrade, with very few problems.

One problem I have experienced is that unlike with Microsoft Excel where IS Express seems to be able to silently change a VB6/VBA reference from Excel 11 (2003) to Excel 10 if Excel 10 (XP) is the version on the destination machine, a reference to Word 11 (2003) seems to be left unaltered, causing the user to get a "Missing: Microsoft Word 11" reference compilation error. In the case of a VBA distributed file, the user can manually solve the problem by removing the reference to Word 11, and replacing it by a reference to Word 10, but:
a) I'm puzzled as to why IS Express 5 doesn't do this automatically for Word, when it does it for Excel (maybe the Library IDs [LIBIDs] for Word10 and Word 11 are different, while maybe the LIDIDs for Excel10 and 11 are the same?)
b) should I try and solve this by adding a custom action to my setup, and if so how?

Any help appreciated,


PS (added 27 Mar 2004): the problem only occurs with VBA references for Word 11, if I distribute a VB6 Active X dll which originally had references to Word 11 onto a pc running Word XP, the dll seems to be able to work fine (i.e. it manages to change its reference to Word 11 into one for Word 10).