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03-04-2004, 12:05 PM
Hi All

Finally got my account working again, appolygies again for the test post.

Hope someone can help me cause I'm at a loss

I'm trying to create a second upgrade to our product. The first upgrade went smoothly with no apparent problems however this time a whole host pf problems have occured which appear to be limited to XP

If you go sequentially through them you get the following problems
1) Windows installer becomes unavaiable (either because in safemode or because its corrupted)
2) Norton gets locked out
3) It doesn't even upgrade correctly. Updated Files simply get deleted, files in sub directories get placed in a new subdirectory say Extras 2 instead of Extras and new files get created in a sub directory of the same name as the main one.

If you upgrade the first one to the 3rd you only get the first 2 and then only if you run it in this order. Install the original, uninstall and upgrade to the 3rd, uninstall and try and reinstall the original.

Upgrading 2 to 3 causes the first 2 bugs all the time

INstalling on a fresh machine causes no problems at all????

At first I though the NOrton and Installer problems might be due to an XP specific virus, however the fact that it doesn't happen all the time seems to rule that out. So I'm guessing it must be something to do with the way I'm upgrading

I'm only changing the product ID and version number
I'm doing them as seperate actions, thus

Version 1.00.0001 to 1.00.0001
Version 1.00.0002 to 1.00.0002

for the min and maxes of each action

Can any one help please

Thanks in advance

Stephen Whipp
Eastmond Publishing Ltd.(UK)