View Full Version : IS5 does not remove any file

03-03-2004, 08:24 PM

I just updated from IS3.5 to IS5.
I rebuild the project using the same Upgrade Code but with different Product Code.

I uninstalled the old program from the Win98 box and then ran the new SETUP.EXE built from IS5.

After that, it displayed my old program icon but not the new program icon. So, I went to Control Panel and uninstalled my program. After that, it only removed the entry from the Add/Remove Program page. The whole program was still intact. No files is removed at all.

I ran Norton, Regclean, and even manually deleted anything remotely look like the GUID from the registry, and deleted all the stuffs from the windows/application data/microsoft/install/ folder. NOTHING WORKED.

I then tried to run the same SETUP.EXE on the XP box. EVERYTHING RAN FINE in the XP box without any problem.

So... I am confused... what's up with the Win98 box? any help?