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03-02-2004, 04:17 PM
I have been having trouble with a vb6 installation that uses an Access 2002 database with ADO. The trouble seems to be with an unsuccessful Jet40 installation using Jet40.msm and/or MDAC msm from installshield. The project appears to install correctly, but I get the following error message when the project attempts to connect to the database:

"error -2147024769, method of ' Þ ' object failed. ADODB recordset"

I just got off the phone with microsoft tech support.

He informed me that I did not need to install MDAC or Jet40 on any operating system later than Windows 2000. He said that Jet was included in the operating system and that all I needed to install was msjetoledb40.dll into the system32 directory and make sure that it was registered in order to use ADO to connect to the Access database.

He reccommend that I do not include any MDAC or Jet40 msm's in my installation but to include and register only the msjetoledb40.dll. He also said that I should reference ADO Activex data objexts 2.6 or later and microsoft Jet and Replication Objects Library 2.6 in my vb6 project.

Has anyone determined exactly what the requirements are to connect to the Access 2002 database via ADO.

03-19-2004, 04:30 PM

I use exactly that, access 2002 mdb using Jet 4 and ADO.

I have though, used ADO 2.7 in my application.

I found that if you didn't include Jet4 in the installation then the application would complain about not being able to create the objects to access the data (no pun intended) ;)

I have had no problems with this on any OS even win2k and XP (HE or Pro)

It is better to include these mm anyway in case the install is for a machine prior to Win 2K (which include ADO2.6)