View Full Version : Features as Directories

02-29-2004, 06:19 AM
I'm trying out the Install Shield Express v5 SP2 for the first time. It appears to work great, but I have problems in achieving desirec functionality:

My software analyses log information. When the user installs the software they have an option of installing "Examples" that contain some logs.

However, if they elect not to choose the examples, the directory structure of the "Examples" is still installed even though they are all empty.

Q: Is there any way to assign features to a particular directory?

The second question is about Features them selves. When I use the more advanced page for adding/removing features, adding a feature always creates a "Key Name" like "NewFeature1", etc. I rename the feature to something like "Software" and "Examples" but the keyname remains the same. When choosing "Files and Features", it references the name of the feature and not the key name (although there appears to be no way to rename the Key Name).

I ask if this is also a problem with the software, or something I must do, because when I installed my software on a Windows 2000 machine (no service packs installed, fresh installation) the icon for the software appears but doesn't link to the executable (instead it appears to be an advertising feature). I've disabled advertising for that icon and for all features but it still remains.

Thanks in advance,