View Full Version : Permissions problems

Lyle McElhaney
02-27-2004, 07:49 PM
I'm a programmer of long experience, but this is my first excursion into XP permissions at install, so I'm a bit of a babe in the woods.

I'm installing a simple executable and ancillary files. I create a directory within another product's directory (I'm a plugin) and put the files in it. The install is pretty vanilla - no features, no updating, singleimage.

Some of my beta testers have problems have problems after install; the main program cannot write a file into the directory I created. Obviously a permissions problem, but why? I default the permissions on the directory, so I assume they are inherited from the parent. Sometimes logging in and installing as the admin helps, sometimes it doesn't.

I'm running on an XP Home edition machine right now, and I can't investigate the existing permissions - all I have it the blankety-blank SFS. I am an admin user on this machine; I just installed, and the main program cannot read in the directory I create - in fact, I cannot delete the directory now.

How can I investigate this? Is there some step I'm missing? Any help will be appreciated.

Oh, for the simple days of UNIX permissions problems!! :(