View Full Version : QuickPatch removes files created after original installation

02-19-2004, 06:20 AM
I have an Express 5 setup that during installation creates an empty folder (called "Internal") in the INSTALLDIR. This if for files that get created during the execution of the application.

I now have a QuickPatch to update some files (none related to the folder in question), however when I run it, it seems to replace the existing "Internal" which may now have many files in it, with the original empty folder, thereby deleting any files that have been created since the original installation.

Anyone have any ideas on this and how I might be able to stop it.



08-18-2004, 11:53 PM
I too have just discovered that a QuickPatch that I am currently working on does the same thing. We create an empty 'Logs' folder which our application writes out to.

After installing the patch, any logs that were in there are now gone.

I have also noticed that in our initial package we have a file that we install and then execute and delete via a VBS Custom Action.

After quickpatching, the file that was originally deleted by the Custom Action is back, eventhough I didn't flag it as being modified in the QuickPatch project.

How do I stop this from happening?

Chandima do you have any thoughts on this?