View Full Version : How to make a system files installer?

02-14-2004, 02:39 PM
I tried to make a system files installer, but is difficult for me to register dll's, exe's and cpl's of Windows XP sp1, can anyone show me how to do this? or can show a script? thank you!

02-15-2004, 12:34 AM
Open InstallShield Express, Navigate to the Files view. If you want to transfer the files to the System Folder,

1) Right Click on any of the folders in the Destination computer's pane.
2) Choose predefined folder.
3) Select [SystemFolder] from the list.

Now you can drag and drop files from the Source Computer to the Destination computer. If the files added are detected as COM based Program Executables, InstallShield Express would automatically Extract COM Data from the files during build and install them appropriately. Alternatively, if you would like to perform a self-registration on the target machine, right click on the DLL/Exe file and select properties. Click on the COM & .NET settings tab in the File properties dialog. Select "Self-Registration" from the registration type. This would perform the self registration of the file during installation.

However this option is not recommended as the registration might fail if the user does not have enough privileges. The default COM Extract at build method can utilize Windows Installer's Elevated Privileges feature to handle Locked down environments. This is the preferred method if the feature associated with the file can be advertised.