View Full Version : Single Setup.exe installer/upgrader

02-12-2004, 03:48 PM
I originally posted this as a reply to another message, but got no reponses so I am reposting it on its own.

Can I do the following with Installshield Express 5.0 or do I need to upgrade to DevStudio 9 and use an InstallScript project (and would that even do what I want)?

I would like to make ONE setup.exe, which will install and overwrite all existing files (without requiring an uninstall) under all of the following circumstances:

1) Fresh Install
2) An upgrade of a previous install made with InstallShield Express 5
3) An upgrade of previous install made with older versions of InstallShield (In this case, InstallShield for Microsoft Visual C++ 6)

I have tried various combinations of REINSTALL=ALL and REINSTALLMODE=amus or =vamus in setup.ini, and cannot get all three cases to work for the same setup.exe.

I either get nothing at all installed on a fresh install, a mess where some files get replaced and some don't (because our programmer doesn't use versioning), or the "Another version of this product is already installed" error message.

Any workarounds for this? This is for a special purpose PC based product, so I don't have to worry about the same concerns of wide distribution.