View Full Version : Build Reports in Express 4/5?

Gary German
02-12-2004, 02:17 PM
I like to compare the reports between builds, to make sure I've not left something out, or to find out why the file size changed, etc. But, with Express 4, this is a painful process.

In Express 4 SP1, the reports (under Builds / Express/ SingleImage (or, whatever) / Reports) do not sort properly. They sort "alpha-wise", instead of "date-wise" meaning that they get all jumbled up after you've got a few of them.

And, even though the reports are saved in a folder as .htm documents, for some reason, Express 4 "touches" each of those report files every time you do a build. This results in all of the files having the same date modified (and created!?). So, you can't go in there and sort the reports by date.

Has the "Reports" feature in Express 5 been improved?