View Full Version : Move To New Computer Changes Build Size?

bob kochem
02-09-2004, 07:20 AM
I am moving IE4 SP1 from my old Win'ME computer to my new Win'XP(Home) computer. I copied my old .ise file to the new machine and did a build of a VB6 application to "Single Image" without any modifications to the setup configuration. All paths on the new machine are the same as on the old.

It built OK, but the new SETUP.EXE is smaller than the old one - about 4.8MB vs. 5.8MB.

Shouldn't they be the same size?

Are perhaps some of the built-in files (WinInstaller?) smaller on XP than in previous OS?

I am hesitant to distribute the new build until I'm sure I haven't left out something


Bob Kochem