View Full Version : SQLBASE.MSM causes interruption during installation

02-05-2004, 04:31 AM
I've built a setup with Express 5 (project file migrated from Express 2.13) and it needs the merge module "MSDE 2000 Setup Base Merge Module", which is packaged in \InstallShield Express 5.0\Modules\i386\sqlbase.msm.

My setup would always display "The wizard was interrupted before **** could be completely installed." just after the Install Welcome dialog, then must quit without anything installed. This problem does not occur if I remove the sqlbase.msm from the project, however, but the files installed would not run correctly of course. I tried to download the module again and always got the same file with the size of 1,378,816 bytes. Is this the correct size? Does anything else go wrong? Need your help please.

08-20-2004, 04:48 AM
I guess this is a bug with InstallShield , try to use MSDE 2000 for NT platform and check if the issue persists.