View Full Version : Signing a CAB file for Smartphone using Verisign

01-30-2004, 07:55 PM
I'm using InstallShield Express 5.0 to create the setup for a Smartphone 2002 application. I have signed my app exe through Verisign by uploading the exe to their website, then downloading the signed exe from their site. I also need to sign the cab file which gets installed onto the Smartphone, in a similar manner.

InstallShield generates the cab file automatically and includes it in the Setup.exe when building setup. The only visible option for signing the cab file is by providing a .spc and .pvk file. I don't have those two files, because Verisign does the actual signing.

So I can take the unsigned cab file generated by InstallShield and upload it to Verisign to get it signed. But then how can I get InstallShield Express 5.0 to use my pre-built, already signed cab file when building the Setup.exe, instead of automatically creating a new cab file?