View Full Version : New build errors - "-6244" and "-6207"

01-29-2004, 01:44 PM
So everything was moving along fine than I started a new project, very very simple. mainly a 3 dll install pack...and upon build I get error -6244, saying that .NET could not be found. Upon doing a search here that error seems to have to do with the dotnetfx.exe module not being in the correct place. Well I looked, and it is there. I looked through the reg and the correct loactions are given for the loaction as well. I tried to do a repair and it sits there for a while, finally comes up with a 'ready to install' and then starts but after about 30 seconds a pop up of "Unable to continue. Missing componants" or something like that.

The other error is -6207 and it is about a missing file, namely "_isconfig.xml", in the install loaction. I have no idea what this file is, per the little error help it says it is part of the "Support Files" set up section. There are no files listed there, there never was. I did a system search for this file and it doesn't exist.

Now - these errors happen now with every single project!


PS - so I tried a new project with one text file in it only. Made no modifications. It built fine. SO step by step I kept adding thigs and it kept building fine. Now - I add the dll files and it builds with one error - the com error...so I go in and change the "Extract com information" to "Self Registration" and it builds fine...but here is the problem, the reason for this tests is that people are getting errors that the dll's are not beng registered so I am trying to track down why....so, next test is I check the "Installer Class" option. According to the help file you do this to "ensure that at installation time, the assembly's Install, Commit, Rollback, and Uninstall methods will be called at the appropriate time. "

BINGO - now I get the errors as described above. So these errors have something to do with the "Installer Class" option.

03-15-2004, 07:11 PM
I just ran into a similar problem, and it was caused by one of my components having the Installer Class set to "Yes", but the compiled .NET Assembly set to "No".

Now the interesting part. None of my components are assemblies, and never have been. These properties were set by Developer 9 when the project was migrated from Developer 8. At first, there was no problem with any of the components, but I removed the key file and re-added it for one of them, at which time the build began to fail.

IS Strikes again.