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01-28-2004, 11:12 AM
On my PC drive :




On the install project, path variables :

<Data1CE> : \CeFiles\Data1\
<Data2CE> : \CeFiles\Data2\
<Data3CE> : \CeFiles\Data3\

I managed to recreate the same path structure in the INSTALLDIR on the PocketPC :

\CeProduct\Data1\Data.dll <Data1CE>
\CeProduct\Data1\Data.png <Data1CE>
\CeProduct\Data1\Data.wav <Data1CE>

\CeProduct\Data2\Data.dll <Data2CE>
\CeProduct\Data2\Data.png <Data2CE>
\CeProduct\Data2\Data.wav <Data2CE>

\CeProduct\Data3\Data.dll <Data3CE>
\CeProduct\Data3\Data.png <Data3CE>
\CeProduct\Data3\Data.wav <Data3CE>

The Data1, Data2 and Data3 folders are correctly created on the PocketPC, but what is in the CAB file, and what I get after the product installation is :

\CeProduct\Data1\Data.dll <Data1CE>
\CeProduct\Data1\Data.png <Data1CE>
\CeProduct\Data1\Data.wav <Data1CE>

\CeProduct\Data2\Data.dll <Data1CE>
\CeProduct\Data2\Data.png <Data1CE>
\CeProduct\Data2\Data.wav <Data1CE>

\CeProduct\Data3\Data.dll <Data1CE>
\CeProduct\Data3\Data.png <Data1CE>
\CeProduct\Data3\Data.wav <Data1CE>

That's to say instead to have three different sets of datas, I get one set duplicated in the three folders ! The CAB shows that the embedded files are the same than in set Data1CE, but I correctly selected/configured the file settings in order to pick the right data set ! I made NO mistake !

And the CAB is also fitted with unknown file of 1.5 MB I not included and that don't even exists on my PC drive !

The first product only featured the first data set (<Data2CE>) and the CAB file was about 2.7 MB ! This bug appeared when I added the two new data sets <Data1CE> and <Data3CE> ! And the CAB now weight 8.6 MB :(=( What the Hell with IS ?

I believed it was one of the many IS Dev 8 bugs, so I upgraded (not for free) for IS DevStudio 9, and it is absolutely the same, plus the 1.5 MB files (that don't appeares if I make the CAB with IS Dev 8) !

I need this to be done quickly, I was 'assured' there is no error in the project conversion from IS Dev 8 to IS DevStudio 9 : This is true, the bugs from the 8 are correctly converted in the 9 !


PS : Very frustrated and very very feed-up messing with such costful and incapable products, nicely packaged and marketed though...

02-02-2004, 11:50 AM
OK, as InstallShield is obviously unable to perform trivial tasks such installing different files in different folders, I (had to) created multiple install projects, one per data set.

Each data set includes the data files (no executable) and some registry keys/values. All files are set to all processors, and targets PocketPC (PPC300), PocketPC 2002 (PPC202) and PocketPC2003 (PPC420).

It appears that everything goes fine on a PocketPC 2002 device, but on a PocketPC 2003 device, there is NO registry modification, no key/value installed. OK, I'm becoming used of it...

A quick check in the .inf file generated by InstallShield for CabWizard : There is plenty of [AddRegistry] sections, for PPC211 (???), for PPC201 (???), for HPC (???), for HPCPro (???), for PPC300 (Cooooool, at least once I selected and I'm interrested in), for HPC2000 (???), for PPC202 (Cool, a second one I selected). That's all !!!

No trace of any [AddRegistry.PPC420] (I have also some section for PPC420, such [Files00.PPC420], [Files01.PPC420], ...) ! That's why files are installed on PocketPC 2003 but not registry data !

Soooo, dear InstallShield, please for your attention, I beg your mercy, can you provide me a product that install correctly files and registry on a selected device ? Not the first half on a device and the second half on another device. I 'just' need to install files and registry on a PocketPC 2003 when they are selected in such a way.

I can't stand to find referee to HPC devices when none are selected, but a missing referee to PPC420 when this one *IS* selected ! What the mess with this product ?

See the attached file !


02-02-2004, 12:32 PM
Obviously, the [AddRegistry.PPC420] is missing or there is only a few keys if a EXE file is included in the project :/ I used IS Dev 8 before, and the PPC420 wasn't supported, so it's kindly new for me.

A problem in the PPC420 section's write loop ? It's always located at the end on the .inf file, so it may be a hint to find the bug !


02-02-2004, 12:47 PM
I just selected all processors and all plateforms (Handheld PC, Handheld PC Pro, Handheld PC 2000, Handheld PC 2.01, Handheld PC 2.11, Pocket PC and Pocket PC 2002). Thus, there is no exclusion at all ;)

I don't even get the boring -7016 error from IS DevStudio 9, installation works like a charm ;) But why had I upgraded to IS DevStudio 9 ?

Have a look at the attached IS Dev 8 version ;)


02-03-2004, 03:29 AM
Even the default values ! Pocket PC 2003 and Windows CE .NET were not selected ! I selected everything, hoping it will solve the problem (no exclusion, no plateform specific install), but IS DevStudio 9 remains creating me plenty of install cab, but none for PPC420 :/

IS Dev 8 cause less trouble : with NO exclusion, there is only one CAB generated, for all plateforms and all processors !


03-09-2004, 03:12 PM

I am experiencing the same issues with my CE installer regarding inability to add different files with the same name to different directories.

When attempting to back out some of those files it now even rejects having 2 directories of similar names (with one extra letter at the end).

It would really be nice to know if InstallShield plans on fixing any of the bugs listed under this forum. Our company purchased DevStudio 9 for its promoted abilities for Windows CE.net devices.

Although this doesnt answer any of your questions on how to work around the issue, hopefully they(IS) know that this is a real problem.

Good luck!

03-15-2004, 09:21 AM
...as I don't expect any feedback from IS, so many times messed-up to trick their product just in order to achieve some trivial tasks...

So the final result is that I created 1 CAB per data set. In facts, it's better, as we don't have to overload the CE storage space with un-needed data sets.

When creating 1 CAB per data set, everything works (at least) fine. Cannot expect everything to go nice with a product where 100's of coders are working on it ;) Bugs, bugs, bugs...