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Stephen Clarke
01-21-2004, 06:38 PM
I'm hoping that someone has experienced and solved the Serial number validation problem I am having with ISE4 (the problem also exists in ISE3.5)

The problem is:
When a project is built that requires serial number validation utilising a hyphen (-) in order to separate/simplify user serial number input and additionally the "ISX_SERIALNUM" function is used to return the value of the serial number to a registry entry, then value written to the registry is truncated after the first hyphen.
For example; if the user enters the value: 1234-5678-9012, then the value written to the registry is only 1234. I have found that the use of the hyphen is the source of the problem since the truncation always occurs after the hyphen. For example, if the serial number were 12-3456-7890, then the registry value would be 12 and everything after the hyphen gets lost.

I am using this function exactly as documented in InstallShield's Help file under "Using ISX_SERIALNUM" and I quote the following:
"This property stores the serial number that the end-user enters in the Customer Information dialog.
One use of the [ISX_SERIALNUM] value is to write it to the Registry so that an application can use it. To write [ISX_SERIALNUM] to the Registry, create a string value data entry with a value of [ISX_SERIALNUM] in the Registry. Once an install is complete on an end-user system, the serial number entered by the end-user in the Customer Information dialog will appear."

This is not the only area where the use of the edit mask utilising hyphens causes a problem. When the user enters a serial number into the 'Customer Information Dialog’ such as: 1234-5678-9012 then clicks 'Next' and decides to then click 'Back' only the 1234 is displayed and all digits after the hyphen are lost. While not a showstopper, it is very irritating having to re-enter with today’s 25 digit plus serial numbers.

Of course both of the above problems can be 'worked-around' simply by deciding not to use hyphens in the edit mask. In such a situation none of the user-entered serial number is lost,but entering long serial numbers become even more frustrating for the user (as I am sure we have all experienced personally)

Lastly one additonal related bug still exists. If the user enters an incorrect serial number the "Incorrect Serial Number" message does not appear (as listed in 'Text and Messages' screen> 'Messages'> 'Incorrect Serial Number'). Because of this, the user can click merrily away on the 'Next' button forever with no indication to the user of why nothing is happening.

Thanks for any insight you can provide...