View Full Version : IS Delphi Installs 0 byte files

05-18-1997, 12:00 AM
On a 50 user install of a Delphi 2.01 app, 5 pc's failed the install.
Problem, some of the required .dll files were 0 bytes or 1/2 of the
actual size of the origional files.

What's up? There were NO programs running when install took place. There
were NO error warnings from IS.. but the app would crash when it ran.
The error messages were various, such as "Cannot load an IDAPI service
library" When I checked, some of the .dll files were 0 bytes, some 1/2
the correct size.

Doesn't IS verify that the files were actually written correctly to the
disk? How can I fix/prevent this? I re-installed several times, on these
machines, but couldn't fix it till I copied the files manually from
another machine.