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12-10-2003, 09:06 AM

I have recently upgraded to DevStudio and also experimented with Skins for the first time, I have a question which may be best asked in the Developer 7 forum:

For InstallScript MSI Projects in the release options "Small initialization dialog" specifies whether the setup initialization dialog box is the small box that was shown by setups created with InstallShield Professional version 6.31 and earlier, or if it is larger and is consistent with the rest of the end user dialog boxes.

I understand certain dialogs are not skinned, it would appear that the setup initialization dialog box is one of them. This makes your skinned installation look very odd so you are forced to select the "Small initialization dialog" option, however this doesn't look good either.

My Question: Is it not possible to have your install program start up using a banner with moving dots "Configuring Windows Installer...." which is how InstallScript Projects work as opposed to InstallScript MSI Projects which I'm using? Basically skins don't look right in an InstallScript MSI Project unless you can.


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