View Full Version : Will UPGRADE table detect previous minor version?

12-03-2003, 01:59 PM
(ISDev 7.04) Lets say I release version 1.0 of our product. Then I build a 1.01 minor upgrade version (same product code, just a different version) and use the command line options to ensure it performs a minor upgrade. If I add an entry to the UPGRADE table purely to detect the 1.0 version, not to remove it, will it find it? From what I've seen it won't. I can only get it to detect a previous version if the product code is different (meaning its a major upgrade). Is this correct?

I want to be able to send out a minor upgrade and only have it install if the original product is found (i.e. so the user can't use the upgrade CD to make a fresh install of the upgrade product on a new computer). I figured if I searched for the previous product, I could display a message if it wasn't found and bail out.

Am I making this too hard? Do I need to look more at patches as opposed to upgrades, although I heard 7.04 may have problems with patches, and that patches of major upgrades is pretty much impossible? Does DevStudio 9 make upgrades like this easier?

12-17-2003, 09:28 AM
I would suggest using the System Search functionality to look for a file or registry data value which would specifically identify your product. Then, in General Information >> Product Properties, use the property from the System Search as a condition for the installation. This facility also allows you to display a message informing the customer of the lack of a previous version.

The documentation for the Upgrade table (on MSDN) discusses its use related to Major upgrades and not Minor upgrades.

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