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kk sonu
11-29-2003, 06:27 AM
hi all,
i need a help as i ve never installed the product with dlls and ocx and the current requirement is as such that i ve to do that :-(

can any one gude me thru it...
i m wrking on VB project and ve came to know that the MSM supplied with Visual Studio 6 and with the SP5 update does not install the MDAC files

how to check whether these files are there or not ... i read the doc at url : http://www.installsite.org/files/iswi/mdac_dcom.htm

i m bit confused can any way help me out
the reuirment is that:

i need to install few dlls and thrid party ocx(activex controls) and register them...

its almost blank at my side so it will be of great help if any one can guide me way to proceed

thanx in advance anticipating help!!!


12-01-2003, 01:57 AM

One way to check existing mdac is use InstallScript:

/* Get Existing version */
("SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\DataAccess", "FullInstallVer",
nType, szValue, nvSize) == 0)then
/* value of szValue is current mdac version */
nCompareFlag = VERSION;
szVersionMin = "2.5";
/* compare current version */
nRet = VerCompare (szValue, szVersionMin, nCompareFlag);
if (nRet == GREATER_THAN || nRet == EQUALS) then
/* curren version is equal on greater than 2.5 */
/* mdac not found */


kk sonu
12-01-2003, 07:45 AM
Thanx a lot for the reply,

for registering the dlls and ocs files i m using self register property of that file is it okie??

the project is vb project so wht shd i do ? ie create a standard project or vb project wizard.

i need to add custom logo , os detection microsoft office detection especially for power point and word.

please do guide me

thanx in advance

ps: i also ve MDAC27ENU.msm and i m planning to include it in merge module ... so can it be conditionally installed ie if older install else do nthin how to do it..?

12-01-2003, 10:47 AM
The MDAC Merge Module should already contain all that logic. All you should needd to do is include the module in one of your components, and it should detect older (or newer) versions of MDAC and conditionally install itself.

If you still want to control it yourself, the other option is to add the MDAC MM to a hidden feature, and then use the command MSISetFeatureState(hMSI, <FeatureName>, INSTALLSTATE_ABSENT) in your script to turn off the feature if you do not wish to install MDAC.

Hope this helps. :)