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11-28-2003, 10:36 AM

We are using InstallShield Developer 7.04 for our product Everest Advanced (www.icode.com).

We have developed a setup which configures Data Server (MS SQL Server 2000), Application Server (COM+ components), E-Commerce (web sharing) etc.

Same setup we are using for fresh install as well as Upgrade to next version. For upgrade process we are using follwoing parameter in Setup.ini CmdLine=REINSTALLMODE=vamus.
We don't change Product/Package/Upgrade code nor we change Major/Minor version.

This is like Major Upgrade and works fine for us.

But now we are in process of making minor patch, since till next major upgrade goes out we need to ship critcal patches in terms of executable/DLL/Reports/SQL Scripts/ASP files.

We have gone through "Generate Patch" option in InstallShield Deveoper 7.04 but it doesn't make entry for the patch in Add/Remove program. :confused:

We are looking for making patches like Microsoft does. Patch should be entered in Add/Remove programs and un-install of patch should rollback the changes what patch did.

For an example if patch has changed eEvMsg.dll (1.02) to eEvMsg.dll (1.05), then un-installation of patch should rollback eEvMsg.dll(1.05) to eEvMsg.dll(1.02).

Thanks in advanced,

12-01-2003, 08:40 AM
Windows Installer 3.0 (coming soon) will provide the option to remove patches. Current Windows Installer patches will just reinstall the application with an updated MSI (orginal MSI + MSP). For patches to be uninstallable, you will need to create separate MSI files with some custom functionality.