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11-24-2003, 05:40 PM
for Paul Richards:
see Example


// Include header files /////////////////////////////////////////////////////
#include "ifx.h"
#include "isrt.h"
////////////////////// string defines ////////////////////////////

//////////////////// installation declarations ///////////////////

// In order to have your InstallScript function executed as a custom
// action by the Windows Installer, it must be prototyped as an
// entry-point function.

// The keyword export identifies MyFunction() as an entry-point function.
// The argument it accepts must be a handle to the Installer database.

export prototype ExFn_Placebitmap(HWND);

// To Do: Declare global variables, define constants, and prototype user-
#define BMP_PATH "SRCDIR^"\\bitmap.bmp""
#define BITMAP_ID_3 14

// ----- DLL function prototypes -----

// your DLL function prototypes

// ---- script function prototypes -----

// your script function prototypes

// your global variables

// FUNCTION: OnFirstUIBefore
// EVENT: FirstUIBefore event is sent when installation is run for the first
// time on given machine. In the handler installation usually displays
// UI allowing end user to specify installation parameters. After this
// function returns, ComponentTransferData is called to perform file
// transfer.
function OnFirstUIBefore()
NUMBER nResult, nSetupType, nvSize, nUser;
STRING szTitle, szMsg, szQuestion, svName, svCompany, szFile;
STRING szLicenseFile;
LIST list, listStartCopy;
BOOL bCustom;
// TO DO: if you want to enable background, window title, and caption bar title
// SetTitle( @PRODUCT_NAME, 24, WHITE );
SetDisplayEffect (EFF_HORZSTRIPE);
SetTitle( "Horizontal stripe effect", 0, BACKGROUNDCAPTION );
SetColor(BACKGROUND,RGB (0, 0, 0));
PlaceBitmap (SRCDIR^"\\bitmap.bmp", BITMAP_ID_3, 0, 0,CENTERED );

Delay (3);
if you want to try it replace{ SRCDIR^" with bitmap path}