View Full Version : Upgrade does not work? Invoke Function fails, Error = 0x8000ffff

11-24-2003, 12:34 PM
We have the InstallShiedl setup project created with InstallShield 8.0. Everything worked fine.
We have now our major upgrade installation setup with installShield 8.0. We have certain components (Dlls) in the support directory.

The following issue happens sometimes:-

1) We are able to do the major upgrade , Fresh Installation of this new setup.

2) But trying the same installation on the same machine for >10 times, causes the Custom action which uses the Dll in ths support directory to throw the Error "Invoke Function fails, Error = 0x8000ffff "

Also says that the Dll in the support directory could not be loaded. But we could see that Dll in the support directory by the time we get thie error message.

As this is critical for our installation, Please provide some information on what could be going wrong about this.

Thanks in advance,